Below there is a brief description of each of our programs. Prices vary according to program and the number/duration of classes per week. Most of our group classes average from $10-13 per hour. Private instruction rate is $35 per half hour.

Lil' Dragons Karate/Taekwondo

Lil' Dragons is a pre-Taekwondo/pre-Karate program for kids 4-5 years old. The program focuses on classroom skills, good listening, comprehension of directions, using both sides of the body, coordination and basic Taekwondo techniques. Lil' Dragons classes are 30 minutes long and are offered three days a week. The class uses a separate rank structure and graduates may enter the Junior Taekwondo program as Yellow Belts when they reach 6 years old.

Junior Taekwondo

Junior Taekwondo is a full Olympic Style Taekwondo program for kids, aged 6 to 12 years old. There are classes available 5 days a week and the program includes (1) strength and flexibility training, (2) Taekwondo kicking, blocking and striking, (3) forms practice, (4) basic self-defense and (5) contact sparring when students are ready. Graduates of this program will earn their Poom (Junior Black Belt) certified by the Kukkiwon. Classes are 50 minutes long.

Adult Taekwondo

Adult Taekwondo curriculum is a more advanced version of the Junior Taekwondo curriculum with a pace, intensity and depth that is appropriate for adult students. Junior Taekwondo students may move to this program when they become teens. The program is designed to guide the student to a 1st Dan (Kukkiwon-certified Black Belt) in approximately 3 years. Classes are 50 minutes long.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art renown in the West for its health benefits. Our class practices Tai Chi slowly, deliberately paying attention to balance, transfer of weight and correct body alignment. Students begin with the Yang style 24 form and progress to several weapon forms, the Chen 38 form and push hands. The instructor covers applications for the moves, but health benefits and fitness are the primary objectives of this class. Tai Chi is reserved for adult students. Classes are 60 minutes long.

Modern Arnis - FMA


Modern Arnis is a Filipino stick fighting art created by GM Remy A. Presas that incorporates empty-hand, ground fighting and blade techniques. The art preserves many traditional techniques, but makes them easy to learn and applicable to modern self-defense. Modern Arnis is for adult students only. Classes are 50-90 minutes long. 

Adult Self-Defense
Our newest class offering, Women's Self-Defense is a six class course designed specifically for women who want practical and effective self-defense skills. This class addresses modern self-defense strategies and techniques. We start with how to avoid conflict and then move to simple but effective self-defense techniques to help you get out of trouble. Classes are 60 minutes long. Comfortable clothing and "inside only" gym shoes are required. Course fee is $75. Adult students only.


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